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Jan. 1st, 2017 11:01 pm
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Tch! Why do you have to be like them?
You're the protagonist of your own life.


Reigen is a force of personality that few people can truly contend with. With the raw charisma to waltz right into the secret base of an organization of people that are hell-bent on world domination, and to walk in with such bravado that they mistake him for their boss, it’s easy to see how someone like Reigen is able to run such a successful con in his day to day life. He proudly boasts of his ability to debate people and to talk them in circles until he wins the argument. He’s extremely sharp, able to identify the holes in people’s ideas and catch the slightest slip up of their speech to find their deceptions or their weak points. Naturally, he’s extremely confident of this incredible talent, and is able to use it to also convince people that he has far more extraordinary powers besides his talent for persuasion.

Even with the willingness to con people out of their money with fake exorcisms, he refuses to take cases that are harmful or mean-spirited. He doesn’t usually take cases to curse others, and he won’t force the people he’s responsible for (or especially the people he cares most about) to suffer for their work. More often than not, in fact, Reigen will respond to people’s suffering by shouldering the burden himself. He injects himself into these dangerous situations even despite his lack of powers. He steps in, claiming that he’s responsible as an adult in a given situation. He has no qualms or hesitations about accepting responsibilities like that, and it makes him an extremely trustworthy sort of man, and that confidence and intelligence are just as potent a tool for Reigen as psychic powers are for other people.

Despite his impressive strengths, Reigen is still a very domineering presence. That confidence can easily inflate to overconfidence, leading to missed judgment of an emergency situation. And his forceful, overly energized personality often pushes around the meeker people around him, easily the sort of thing that can accidentally push those who aren’t ready to be pushed or might push him back. He can be blunt, rude, and demeaning to people who the people around him regardless of whether or not he likes or respects them. This also means that due to his air of authority, he is actually quite bad at making real friends, and his only real friend happens to be a socially awkward middle schooler.

After a serious falling out with Mob, Reigen’s separation from him made him step back and realize that he was being too controlling and that he was using Mob too much. He recognized his selfishness, and began to reform himself, working to make the community better under his own power and influence so that he could become popular that way. More than anything, just like the awkward teenager he helped through tough times, Reigen just wants to be well-liked by the people around him. He’s anxious and fears rejection, and all of those talents and tools of his ultimately come down to Reigen’s drive to be loved by the people around him instead of feeling listless and lonely.


Nickname: The Century's Greatest Psychic, Taka
Birthday: October 10th
Animal Zodiac: Rat
Bloodtype: O
Height: 179 cm / 5'10"
Weight: 66.1 KG / 145.7 lbs
What he does best: People say that he has a kind heart
What he does worst: He is too kind to scold anyone...
Specialty: Con artistry Consulting people
Hobby: Browsing the Internet
Favorite Food: Ramen, Yakiniku
Least Favorite Food: Nothing in particular
Favorite Music: Classic music at the office
Favorite Movie Genre: Watching/sleeping to B-Movies
Got recently into: Growing plants

Waiting to consult you at any time!


◈ Can see ghosts
◈ Exceptional persuasive skills
◈ Perfect massage technique
◈ Discerning palate
◈ Fast learner
◈ Experience using PhotoShop and Excel
◈ Able to grind in MMOs with multiple accounts simultaneously



NAME: Reigen, Arataka
CANON: Mob Psycho 100
CANON POINT: Chapter 98.12
GAMES: [community profile] lagunbiru, [community profile] recolle

OCCUPATION: Homeopathic Doctor
OFFICE: Home Healing And Such Consultation Office
RESIDENCE: Maple Valley Apartments
SON: To Be Named ([personal profile] esplosion)




NAME: Kippie
DISCORD: Kippie#8495
PLURK: [plurk.com profile] saltsplash
MUSEBOX: [community profile] pythox

Backtagging Okay?: Yes
Threadjacking/hopping Okay?: Yes

Dr. Reigen
The Most Talented Hands on Lagunbiru!